Valentine’s Day

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We enjoyed many activities during the week before Valentine’s day. These included a selection of cookery sessions with heart shaped biscuits a flan and a huge heart shaped cake being produced. All were delicious and thoroughly enjoyed.

Then on the Friday there was a flower arranging extravaganza!! It produced some amazing results which completed the look of our valentine’s theme.

There were helium balloons to complete the ‘look’ ,these were released during the following week( they had a message attached asking for the finder to get in touch)01-IMG_1753 26-IMG_1828 25-IMG_1826 24-IMG_1825 23-IMG_1823 22-IMG_1822 21-IMG_1820 20-IMG_1819 19-IMG_1817 18-IMG_1816 17-IMG_1814 16-IMG_1812 15-IMG_1810 14-IMG_1809 13-IMG_1807 12-IMG_1800 11-IMG_1797 10-IMG_1794 09-IMG_1792 08-IMG_1791 07-IMG_1788 06-IMG_1763 05-IMG_1762 04-IMG_1761 03-IMG_1760 02-IMG_1756. They have yet to do so!