World Turtle/Tortoise day

No sooner was Bee day over then it was time to celebrate turtle and tortoises day. Jenny's tortoise Toby came in for a visit and had a bath whilst he was with everyone. He loves to see everyone, as you can see.

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World Bee Day

We celebrated the wonderful work that our bees do for us with a week of bee activities. This then led to the wonderful display and Tea Party. We enjoyed locally made fresh bread with a selection of local honey. Served with honey tea! Green tea with honey, and Manuka honey Cranberry and ginger tea. It was all very enjoyable indeed.

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Norwich City Football Club

We would like to say a huge Thank you to Norwich City Football Club along with Delia and Michael for cheering us all up with a wonderful carrot cake, signed shirt and drinks bottles. What a wonderful surprise, when the 'kit team' rang the doorbell with all the goodies, it was very much appreciated. Many of the residents and staff [...]

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