International Sandwich Day

We made a SANDWICH BAR for tea as part of our celebrations. With a selection of different fresh breads and fillings the 'bar' made its way around the dining room so that everyone could see first hand what was on offer. They them could select what they  wanted to make up their own yummy sandwiches. It was so lovely to [...]

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World Bee Day

Once again we celebrated the amazing bee. The display was put up for all to see. This year however we were able to enjoy the display even more as you can see. We had all sorts of Bee related activities. These included bee games, how many words can you make out of the word HONEY BEE, word searches, colouring pages, [...]

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We held a nurses and doctors reminiscence session as it fell on Florence Nightingale's birthday. We had information to hand a bout Florence and her working life spent as a nurse. We also had things from Vince's dads day as a GP. There was lots of laughter as we worked out what some of the instruments were used for. There [...]

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