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Gardening Week

We got our seeds planted and gathered ideas together during gardening week. Terracotta pots were painted in readiness for the seedlings to be transplanted (we're a good few weeks off at the moment due to the harsh weather). How ever they look lovely, and will cheerfully add to the garden display when the time comes. We held a Gardening Reminiscence. [...]

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Way back on the 15th March it was national butterfly day. For this, we ordered some caterpillars which thankfully arrived on that day. Since then interspersed with everything else that goes on at Ealing house we have been watching their progress as they turned into chrysalids and later emerged as beautiful Painted Lady butterflies. After a few days in their [...]

2021-04-14T15:02:47+00:00 April 8, 2021|


I think it goes without saying that we thoroughly enjoyed our Easter Eggs-travaganza! We had a few visits from the Easter Bunny (bunnies!), who brought pleasure to all. Its amazing how exciting it is to  see someone dressed in a white costume, but it really is! There was so much laughter it was lovely to hear. There was a lovely [...]

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