Reminiscence Sweet Shops

This session was all about shopping in Martham in the past. There were 35 shops in village in the past. Daphne used to have a sweet shop in Rollesby Road. Many of the staff used it on their way home from school. We even have her scales for measuring out the sweets. There are also some old fashioned  chocolate bars [...]

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Reminiscence School Days

Another session was held on school days. It was wonderful to see everyone chatting and looking through all of our school day memorabilia. We are lucky enough to have Grahams school report and photos from Vince's school days as part of our collection.

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General Activities

There are many daily activities which take place at Ealing House.  We enjoy a weekly visit from Elaine who has stepped in as our hairdresser during Covid times. We have also enjoyed taking activities outside, such as you can see when we played 'Bird Bingo'.

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