Wellbeing June

As ever there are numerous wellbeing activities which take place at Ealing House. Not everything is photographed but here are some that were. These included: Being in the garden with friends. Exercises, Darts, Dominos, Quizzes, D Day Commemorations, Pampering, Flower art and a joint project of the Gruffalo with Sara and the children. (and much more!). Look and see.

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Picnic at the duck pond

National picnic week is celebrated during the third week of June. We chose our picnic outing to be on Thursday 20th June. Families were invited to join us down at the duck pond near to the chip shop. What a wonderful turn out we had. Sara and the children came along as well as staff and families. Thankfully the weather [...]

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Coffee at Sea Palling

We finally had a sunny, warm morning. So we jumped on the opportunity to get out for a drive. We found ourselves at Sea Palling where we had coffee, donuts AND ice cream! It was so lovely people watching and seeing everyone in good spirits as they headed to the beach.

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