We really enjoyed our first reminiscence session of 2021. It was on local photography. We were delighted to have received  yester year photos of Martham from Philip Dowe (the butcher). They proved very interesting, provoking many a conversation and memories of how Martham has changed over the years.  

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Beat The January Blues

We had a lovely afternoon when we had a 'Zoom' production of: Beat the January blues from the Memory Lane production company. It was lovely to hear so many of our favourite tunes and sing a long with Joe and his team. We look forward to next month when we will be joining them for a Valentine's special.

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Cookery School!

Our friend Anna has started a lockdown online cookery school with her children. She is teaching those who join her to cook some favourite recipes. We have decided to join in too. This week we made 'old school' sponge cake. It was good fun, and we will be joining her again next week for the next recipe. Thank you Anna [...]

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