Arm Chair Travel

Who says you can't still go aboard! Every Tuesday we travel to a popular holiday destination. Where we increase our knowledge on the country by reading interesting facts and trivia. We enjoy word searches and crosswords, followed by a typical meal from that country or region. Along with a drink that the country may be known for. We made Sangria [...]

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This session of reminiscence was hosted in the lounge. We had an array of tools which we had no idea how to use! These were examined and discussed and then once agreed they were labelled.  It was interesting to see how some tools haven't changed at all, whilst with the use of  electricity others have become obsolete. Bob was our [...]

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Apple Day

Today was world apple day! For this we gathered a variety of apples from Tacon's farm shop and displayed them in a trug basket.  The test was to see how many different varieties we could than identify. The smell and colour made it easy for some varieties, but others were more difficult. Another activity was making an apple sponge pudding [...]

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