Vintage Messy Church Maypole & Bunting

We enjoyed our second visit from Tracey from the Methodist church when she came along during the half term holidays to talk about friendships. This was teamed up with a Maypole and bunting, as these things are united as are friendships. We were joined by the children from Jenny & Sara's childminding services, who assisted with the activities. The bunting [...]

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Quiz Night & British Week

We enjoyed a best of Britain week! This included a variety of activities that were to do with Britain culminating at the end of the week with a quiz written by Bob. Although Vince was on hand to compare the evening Bob took to the mic' to read out the questions  (and answers) testing our knowledge to the full. It [...]

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Martham Scarecrow Festival 2019

What an amazing display Thanks to Tyna and her team of pom pompom and knitted square makers.  I think you'll agree that it certainly bought our version of The Tour de Broads together. The thought behind it was that 'we' would try to depict Norfolk. So ideas and thoughts about what makes our county so special were shared.  Windmills, wildlife, [...]

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