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Diwali celebrations were held to celebrate the Hindu festival of light! Activity sessions before hand there were focused on an Indian theme. The residents made place mats to go onto the table during their special Diwali meal.There were also Diwali themed word searches, crosswords, and the story of Diwali,depicting how it became known as 'The Festival of Light'. Along with [...]

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As part of our Halloween activities we had a visit from Naomi the local florist who came along to show us how to make a Halloween flower arrangement. Every one enjoyed watching and learning about the different stages of assembling and arrangement. There was plenty of opportunity to touch, smell the different flowers within the display, and we learnt about [...]

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October Activities

As ever we have been busy enjoying a variety of activities around the home. To begin with it was decided that we needed a large dice, so that it could be rolled across the floor, and easily seen during games of snakes and ladders. The easy option would be to just go and buy one, or a more challenging option [...]

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