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RSPB Bird Watch

Once again we decided to take part in the annual RSPB bird watch.  In preparation we made some bird cakes/feeders and scattered them around the shrubs and trees in the garden to encourage the birds to come! The count went well, but the star of the show was our pair of robins who feed from Wally's feeder which is situated [...]

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Chinese New Year

The year of the cockerel was celebrated with a Chinese lunch cooked by Suzie.  The dining room was decorated for the occasion as you will see in the following photos. There were even chop sticks at each place setting, for those who wished to try to show off their skills! Our mascots Gertie and Andy bear were even wearing special [...]

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A visit from The Cabinet Office

Ealing House was selected to host a visit from the Minister for the Constitution, Chris Skidmore. He was trying to understand the issues facing older people and their right to vote, and was on a whistle stop tour of East Anglia. Whilst at Ealing house he spoke in depth to residents about their right to vote and if they were [...]

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