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National Nutrition & Hydration Week 2014

This week we took part in the 'National Nutrition & Hydration Week'. The idea was to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining a healthy fluid intake; along with a varied and nutritious diet. We decided to involve family and friends, so we held a vintage tea party on 19th March. We had some special helpers, as we have two [...]

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March 19th!

We had a very busy day on 19th March. Firstly it was Reminiscence, followed by some Sports Relief  activities! As they say never a dull moment here at Ealing House! The theme for Reminiscence was 'Wash Day;' and the children from Jenny and Sara's childminding services came along to join in. They helped with the scrubbing of the washing, sat [...]

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Steph’s Leaving Party

Our wonderful cleaner Steph sadly decided to retire after 27 years here at Ealing House. She came to work here when there was only 3 residents and two carers to help Betty the owner! So she has seen many changes during her time here. We held a tea party to wish her well, and invited all her family to join [...]

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