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General activities

In between all the excitement many other activities take place here at Ealing House. Some are planned and some are 'In the moment', spontaneously occurring due to a conversation, the weather, or something we weren't expecting at the start of the day. Here's some from this month x

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Chicks/frogspawn/baby blackbirds

We are really lucky to be able to watch a pair of blackbirds build their nest in the garden and then lay and raise their chicks. This them so far taken with a selfie stick the family don't seem to mind being photographed in the slightest. We also have some frogspawn which we are watching develop into frogs. They are [...]

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St George’s Day

We decided to transform the dining room into The Ritz and hold Lunch at the Ritz for our St George's Day celebrations. The children came along to join us for lunch. You will see all the delicious food that was served.

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