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June events

We had a busy month in June, with Razzamatazz, Joan Lacks Birthday, and lovely seaside themed reminiscence sessions. Unfortunately there is no photographic records as the memory card decided to suddenly have corrupted files which erased all evidence. So you'll just have to take our word for it!!!

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The Frantic Theatre Production

We had a one woman production of 'Putting out The Ritz' courtesy of the Frantic Theatre company. She put on a very fun and action packed performance full of audience participation. Following which we had 'Tea at the Ritz when Mandy produced a wonderful afternoon tea. The performance begins Look what's for tea Yum [...]

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Zoo Tastic

We were delighted to welcome back Zoo Tastic with their animals for a morning of fur and fun! As ever there was a ‘wow’ factor, when the ladies arrived with not one, but two seven week old puppies! I think you'll agree that they are rather cute. They also brought along some reptiles in the form of a snake, a [...]

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