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Chick Fever!

We had some new additions to our family hare at Ealing House,when on Monday 12th January we welcomed some 'Living Eggs' to the home. There was much excitement as we watched eagerly into the incubator waiting for the eggs to hatch! Thursday evening we were delighted to witness the safe arrival of our first chick at 5:20 pm, this was [...]

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January Birthday’s!

January is a very busy birthday month here at Ealing House. We have not one, but indeed five birthdays to celebrate all in the space of 11 days! So we decided to hold one big party on 10th January, and invite families and friends to join in all the excitement. For entertainment we asked Tony the singer to come along [...]

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New Year

There was high excitement on New Years Day when everyone gathered together for a celebration roast beef luncheon party. We would like to wish all our readers a very HAPPY NEW YEAR. (See what fun you missed!) Happy New Year from Amy What a team Getting in the party mood Enjoying a roast [...]

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