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RSPB Bird watch

Once again the residents here at Ealing House got involved with the national Bird Watch for the RSPB  They made some bird cakes and threaded some peanuts in readiness for the weekend bird count. There were other bird related bird activities including Bird Bingo and a bird board game. The results were great with a record number of blackbirds spotted [...]

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Australia Day

We had a fun day celebrating Australia Day. With the dining room decorated up for the occasion, the celebrations began with a photo talk from Jenny about her recent trip to Australia to see James. Australian fact sheets and a book about Australian wildlife and history of Australia Day were around for those who wished to look through them to [...]

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Scottish week including Quiz and Burns Day

We were building up to Burn's night celebrations which happened to fall on a Friday this year, so we had plenty of time to get ready. We began the week by decorating up the dining room in a tartan/Scottish theme. We had our lovely Nessie back in the room to join us for the week. she's been safely looked after [...]

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