As you are all aware March has been somewhat strange.

However we have kept all our socialising and activities going as nothing has changed as far as the residents are concerned.

March activities are going to be put into one box to save on time!

So here goes with the things we have been doing.

St David’s Day – We had a Welsh themed week, which included a Welsh themed bingo. a Welsh menu, Bob wrote and hosted a Welsh Quiz at lunch time which was very good fun and certainly got our brains thinking.

We held a Marie Curie coffee morning where we raised a staggering £70 Thank you for your support.

Book Day – For this we recalled our favourite childhood stories, and books we just couldn’t part with. Beryl who used to be a librarian then read us some old favourites which we read to our children and were lucky enough to have a story sacks! (Red Riding Hood, and The Gingerbread Man)

Love Your Pet Day – For this we talked about pets that we had had, as well as those we wished we could have had! Then we drew them. 

Sports Relief – We held a Sports Day challenge. It was really great fun, as you will see by the photos.

St Patrick’s Day (Irish Week) Another week of fun and lots of different Irish themed activities. Unfortunately we had to cancel our entertainer on St Patrick’s Day due to Covid 19, BUT the show still went on with our own Irish music and lunch time party! It happens to be Daphne’s birthday that day so we’d had a rainbow cake made for the party. (You’ll see it it’s amazing).

The weekly menu was Irish themed meaning there were lots of recipes using whiskey, Irish Cream or Guinness!!! (my goodness they know how to liven up a meal!)

The week ended with a Irish/British Isles quiz hosted by Vince.

Nutrition and Hydration Week – This coincided with Irish week. We took the main focus of the week and worked it into our activity plan. Adapting where need be. You know us we’re great at joining in. Our Irish themed lunch party was the Global Tea Party that they suggested. There was also Smoothie Saturday – for this the residents were served smoothies with their lunch etc etc.

Treacle – We were delighted to welcome Treacle our new rescue cat. She is adorable, bless her. She’s about 10, very cuddly, likes to play (keeping her claws in! So far) She only has 3 teeth but can still eat what she wants.  Certainly brought some smiles into the home, that’s for sure.

First Walk in Space – We noted that March 1965 saw the first walk in space by Russian cosmonaut Alexie Leonov. We are fortunate to have some original newspapers commemorating various space adventures. So we had these out to look through. We were also able to get our ‘hands on’ some space food. Therefore we sampled  foods that they eat up in space (hard to imagine!). These included Ice cream and dehydrated potatoes with BBQ sauce, carrot, peas, sweetcorn and red grapes. The general feeling was, we preferred ‘our food’ as it is, despite some of the things really having flavours which could be clearly defined.

Mothering Sunday – Despite not being able to have loved ones in. The mood was positive and everyone enjoyed being together for a Mothering Sunday lunch and receiving cards, gifts and messages of love from their family

Along with these named events there are also Reminiscence, Birthdays and general activities taking place all the time. Hope you enjoy browsing through the following photos.