Hi. I expect you’re all wondering how we are getting on during this terrible ordeal?

So far things remain relatively unchanged from the inside here at Ealing House. It goes without saying we all miss seeing visitors, but we are trying to keep everyone occupied to the best of our ability. Thankfully the weather has also provided with a welcome opportunity to enjoy the garden.

Easter was quiet but enjoyable. We were very spoilt by the LOCAL (and wider) community who provided us with unexpected ‘treats’ (along with those we already had!)


Sara and all the children for your regular updates with life and going on’s at the nursery; and now within the children’s own home. 

Thank you to the Tesco worker who has dropped off flowers to the home on a Saturday night. They brighten us all up.

Thank you for the many letters and cards. We are keeping them all in a special book. (We have tasked the residents with writing back to you).

Thank you to Rollesby School who gave us some sunflower seeds with planting and care instructions. These are all planted up and labelled with a growing competition underway, (look out for future posts showing their progress)                                                                             We’d also like to say Thank you for the wonderful bag full of amazing picture, bookmarks and letters of good wishes.


The Children from Martham Academy, who wrote some lovely letters wishing us well

Thank you to Holly and Nicky who sent some cakes, in recognition of the wonderful the Carers provide. They were delicious.

Thank you to Lynda for crafting some special treats to go on the Easter table

Thank you to The Body Shop Lady for all the chocolate gold coins, we will save those for our Royal celebrations (make sure you look out for them in a future post).

Thank you to Morrisons for donating eggs to all the residents

Ethan and his sister Amelia for painstakingly making everyone an individual Easter card. (They must have taken hours)

Generally a HUGE THANK YOU’S go to everyone who has thought of us. The knock on the door and leaving kind gifts has brought so much pleasure to everyone and given us all a focus and point of conversation.


April in general was fairly busy.

Crafting wise we had Easter/Spring posters to make. These are all up on the walls making it very bright and cheery.

We have also been enjoying Friday Quiz Sessions. These have been a very enjoyable way to spend an extended lunchtime together.

We have also introduced a ‘Points make Prizes’ scheme, along the same lines as a green shield stamp book!!!

Here’s some photos SO FAR!

DZYL6799      This is a video which is quite amusing to watch!