Way back on the 15th March it was national butterfly day. For this, we ordered some caterpillars which thankfully arrived on that day. Since then interspersed with everything else that goes on at Ealing house we have been watching their progress as they turned into chrysalids and later emerged as beautiful Painted Lady butterflies.

After a few days in their butterfly house their wings had had time to dry off and 9 out of the 10 caterpillars were ready to fly off.

Unfortunately it was way too cold to release them, as we were experiencing some snow and frosty nights.

Instead they were taken to Jenny’s conservatory which is full of plants some of which are in bloom, so that they were protected from the adverse weather conditions. As you can see they are very happy indeed. Here’s hoping we get our own eggs laid onto a leaf or two, and let the life cycle go on and on. (The photos might not be in order but I think you’ll see how much we enjoyed having them).