I think it goes without saying that we thoroughly enjoyed our Easter Eggs-travaganza!

We had a few visits from the Easter Bunny (bunnies!), who brought pleasure to all.

Its amazing how exciting it is to  see someone dressed in a white costume, but it really is!

There was so much laughter it was lovely to hear.

There was a lovely Easter themed reminiscence, this included a chocolate taste test. Where milk, plain and white chocolates were compared along with different makes of chocolate. These included Cadbury’s, Rowntree’s Fry’s and Supermarket. (Rowntree’s was the favourite this time round. along side this there was the meaning of Easter, and the significance of things that we associate with Easter. Such as Easter Lilies, palm leaves, and chicks etc etc.

There were special meals, Roast on Easter Day and an Easter tea party.

So, we’re all ‘chocolate -d’ out for the time being!!