Vintage Messy Church Maypole & Bunting

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We enjoyed our second visit from Tracey from the Methodist church when she came along during the half term holidays to talk about friendships. This was teamed up with a Maypole and bunting, as these things are united as are friendships.

We were joined by the children from Jenny & Sara’s childminding services, who assisted with the activities.

The bunting had to be designed from scratch, so everyone got to decorate a panel. It looked really lovely when finished, we look forward to putting it up in the garden in due course.

The morning went by all too quickly it was very enjoyable.

Tracey will be back in the autumn with another theme for us to enjoy.

Thank you

We finished the morning off with a sponsored ‘Wiggle’, for the Happy Days charity which enables children living in Norfolk with life limiting illnesses to have ‘Fun’ times. we danced to Baby Shark for a total of five minutes. (Looks like Phyllis is a quick learner, she picked up the actions in no time at all.